Creating textures with Photoshop Texture Brushes

In this episode, Aaron shows you his method for creating textured skin surfaces in his character and concept digital art. He will take you through using textured brushes, fitting the textures to the contours of your character and adding lighting details. 

Check out this link to the brushes on his site:

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Aaron’s Art Tips Season2 E12 – Straights and Curves

In this episode Aaron talks about pushing straights and curves in your drawing line work in order to create contrast and make your drawings more dynamic. This principle applies to photography and painting as well.

[youtube_sc url=”KixNx5POpL0″]

Aaron’s Art Tips S2 E11 – Creating Wipes In Your Character Animation

In this episode, Aaron takes you through his process in creating wipes for your character animation. Sometimes you have a great distance to travel across the screen with your character but only a few frames to do it in. Using a wipe is the answer to retain fluidity and avoid strobing. 

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Create a landscape with the Lasso Tool in Photoshop

In this episode Aaron takes you through the process of creating a landscape with just the Lasso Tool in Photoshop. This is a lot of fun as it does not require a lot of drawing skill to achieve!

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Aaron’s Art Tips S2 E9 – Creating a group of repeated images

In this episode Aaron takes you through his process while he creates a school of fish through repeating one fish. He then explains creating depth through atmospheric perspective and lighting. This technique can be used any time a large number of repeated objects is needed.

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Aaron’s Art Tips S2 E8 – The importance of drawing with guest, Ronnie Williford

In this special episode of Aaron’s Art Tips, Aaron talks with long time friend and colleague, Ronnie Williford about the importance of drawing and how it should be a part of any visual artist’s skill sets. Ronnie has an extensive career in the field of art, having covered everything from music, sculpture, painting, and animation. Aaron and Ronnie worked together for 8 years at Walt Disney Feature Animation in Orlando Florida. They continue to get together and paint or play music whenever they can.

You can see more of Ronnie’s work at 

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Aaron’s Art Tips S2 E7- Using Contrast to Create a Center of Interest

In this episode of Aaron’s Art Tips – Aaron talks about his methods for using both contrast in value and levels of detail in order to guide the eye and create centers of interest in your compositions. This applies to not only painters but to photographers as well. 

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Aaron’s Art Tips S2 E6- What to include in your visual development portfolio

In this episode of “Aaron’s Art Tips”, Aaron gives advice to you graduating art students out there that are getting ready to put together your portfolio for visual development for a studio position. Having served on the review board at Walt Disney Feature Animation for over 20 years Aaron will tell you what he looks for when looking at new portfolios from young talent.

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Lion Walk – Cintiq + TVPaint Pencil Test

This is the second pass on a recent TVPaint “pencil test”. This version has several more “in between” frames than the previous pass and is starting to show more polish.

I did this study using TVPaint software on my Wacom 24″ HD Cintiq.

This is just the first shot in a full scene I will be animating over the next few weeks. What do you think the lion is looking at? Stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy it.

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