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Concept Art, Character Design, & More:

The images below are a small selection of the Concept Art  & Character Design Art that I have done over the years. I have worked as a concept artist and character designer for dozens of films and even a few video games.  Most of the work here is from my various personal projects & ideas.

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While working at Disney for many years I was the lead animator and designer of characters for many films including: “Young Nala” from The Lion King, “Rajah” from Aladdin, Yao and the ancestor ghosts from “Mulan” and more. After leaving Disney I have worked creating concept art & designs for a variety of other film projects.

Concept Art Prints For Sale:

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About the Artist: Aaron Blaise is an animation feature film director and wildlife artist. He has worked an an animator, director and doing concept art for over 27 years. 21 years were spent with Walt Disney Feature Animation. At Disney he helped make some of the greatest films ever made including "The Lion King", "Aladdin", "Pocahontas" & more. In 2003 he co-directed the film "Brother Bear". You can follow Aaron and see more of his animal art on Instagram. You can also see videos of his work on YouTube or follow him on Facebook.
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