Aaron Blaise Photoshop Foliage Brush Set

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Aaron has put together¬†a new set of 58 unique Photoshop brushes. This set¬†is perfect for landscapes, trees, grass and more. This is a special “kit” intended for creating a huge variety of natural landscapes.¬†Below is a 52¬†min demo video where Aaron shows some of what you can do.

  • Contains 58¬†Brushes
  • Endless leaf, tree and grass combinations.
  • Prefect for landscapes, environments, matte and background paintings
  • A huge variety of “species” are included.
  • Makes a great companion to¬†other Custom Brush Sets
  • File includes brushes that work with CS3 AND UP
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Aaron has created an extremely versatile and useful set of custom Photoshop brushes and textures. This “kit” includes all the tools you need to create trees, grass, leaves and more in a huge variety.¬†This set is HUGE with a whopping 58 Brushes¬†included! Plus they are super-simple to use and no two images will be the same.¬†Below is a 52¬†min demo video where Aaron shows you some of the ways in which you can use them. ¬†Have fun & Enjoy!

Our goal is to continue to offer these sets¬†at reasonable prices so that you can practice and develop with them. As always, if you create any works using these we’d love to see them! Enjoy.

11 reviews for Aaron Blaise Photoshop Foliage Brush Set

  1. Avatar

    Kimber (verified owner)

    These brushes are so inspirational! Having a lot of fun with these new tools. Thank you Aaron

  2. Avatar

    Karen (verified owner)

    Fabulous set of brushes ~ amazing!!

  3. Avatar

    Larien (verified owner)

    Wonderful set of brushes!

  4. Avatar

    Robert (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up for this wonderful brushes…!!!

  5. Avatar

    Rob (verified owner)

    Love my new Foliage Brush Set. Thanks Aaron for creating and selling these brushes at such a reasonable price.

  6. Avatar

    riku.wallin (verified owner)

    After a bit over 10 year break from painting for having done photography instead, I was trying to set up Photoshop for the workflow and get acquainted with what I’d really need (even though certain things overlap, using PS for photography vs. painting has its differences). I tried out a lot of free resources, some helpful, some poorly made and some just too overwhelming. Then I found this. I have to say, I don’t regret the purchase one bit! All of the tools in this set are spot-on, relevant and very useful. Makes return to painting a breeze. I’m especially grateful, Aaron, for taking time to create such a thorough demo video. I usually can’t stand video tutorials because there’s too much irrelevant filler material or they’re hard to follow, but your demo is clear, interesting, easy to follow and all about actual content. It’s a big help in getting started and inspired with the brush kit.
    My only criticism goes to the file names: The brushes in the kit are titled “sampled brush 5” etc, and because I’m not on the newest version of PS, the brush thumbnails aren’t as sophisticated as they probably can be in the newer versions. This means that the brushes that were created using the same sample but saved as different presets because they have different settings to behave differently, will look all the same in the brush palette view and there’s no way of knowing which is which. I took the liberty of renaming the brushes to something that tells me what settings each one has so I don’t have to test them every time.

    I’m absolutely positive that I’ll buy from you again while re-concquering painting!

  7. Avatar

    Lynne (verified owner)

    I totally love these brushes…. along with all your others, of course! Learning so much here. Please please would you consider christmas tree brushes and tuts as well!!! :) Awesome for winter time

  8. Avatar

    Michael (verified owner)

    I really wants to thank you for these wonderful brushes and the instructional video that explained very good how to use the brushes. I¬īve made a beautiful tree with the brushes and are very happy how easy they works. Thanks Aaron:-)

  9. Avatar

    Johannes Fast (verified owner)

    Great brushes!

  10. Avatar

    Beatriz sanches (verified owner)

    Hi, I bought several of your brushes, but they are not compatible with the version of Phothosop 2020.
    Can you help me please ?

    • Nick


      Hello. The brushes do work with PS 2020 please send an email to [email protected]

  11. Avatar

    Claire (verified owner)

    Those brushes are amazing! With them it even too easy to draw foliage.
    Thank you Aaron

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