2DFX Animation with Joey Mildenberger


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Dive into the world of 2DFX animation with our LATEST course: “Getting Started in 2DFX Animation” taught by industry veteran, Joey Mildenberger (Disney, Warner, Netflix). With over 40 feature films, TV shows, and games to his credit, Joey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this comprehensive class.

In this nearly 12-hour course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn both traditional & digital animation techniques. Joey will guide you through the intricate processes of animating water, fire, smoke, as well as the nuances of tones & shadows, slot gags, and integrating props and backgrounds into your scenes.

This course features:

  • Nearly 12 hours of detailed instruction across a dozen videos.
  • Step-by-step tutorials on traditional animation using paper and advanced digital animation breakdowns.
  • Practical lessons on:
    • Animating Water
    • Animating Fire
    • Animating Smoke
    • Applying Tones & Shadows
    • Slot Gags
    • Animating Props and Backgrounds
  • PDF Animation Test Included
  • + MORE

Enhance your skills and bring your animated scenes to life with techniques used in major studios. Whether you’re a novice looking to start your journey or a seasoned professional aiming to refine your skills, this class has something to offer. Project examples included to practice what you learn!

Join Joey Mildenberger in this exciting journey into 2DFX animation, and unlock the potential to create captivating, dynamic animations.

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Exclusive Interview:

Recently Joey & Aaron sat down to discuss 2DFX Animation and share some amazing pieces of animation history! Watch:

Course Details:

  • 13 Videos totaling over 11 & ½ hours.
  • No Software Requirements: Follow along in any animation software or use pencil & paper!

NOTE: This version includes Lifetime Streaming Access.
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About Joey Mildenberger:

Joey Mildenberger has nearly 40 years of animation experience, contributing to over 40 feature films, TV shows, and games. His work spans major studios like Disney, Warner, and Netflix, with notable contributions to traditional and digital 2DFX animation. As far back "An American Tale" all the way though films like "The Lion King", "Nimona" and beyond!

Joey is an absolute PRO and it's an honor have him sharing his knowledge on our site! For an Up-to-Date list of credits, Check Out his IMDB Page



Subtitles & Closed Captions Coming Soon for this Course: 

  • English CC (Coming Soon)
  • Spanish (Coming Soon)

Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of this course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


4 reviews for 2DFX Animation with Joey Mildenberger

  1. Wallace

    I have been searching for a series like this for a long long time. Joey Mildenberger does an excellent job demonstrating and explaining the hows and whys of hand drawn special effects. His experience and know how come across loud and clear.

    As with every offer on Aaron Blaise’s website be it Aaron Blaise or another pro, you can be assured of the expertise of the person doing the series and that their instructions are easily understood. I have a good number of videos from Creature Art Teacher and have been extremely pleased with all of them.

    I highly recommend this video to anyone interested in animation. It is worth every penny. In fact it is a bargain. I also recommend spending the extra $5.00 for the ability to download the videos. I appreciate the option offered here. My internet isn’t the best and this is a big help.

    Thanks Joey Mildenberger for this great series and Aaron Blaise for making it available.

    W F

  2. Erica Bey

    Absolutely love this course. I have been wanting a 2DFX course for a while and this did not disappoint. I feel I learned a lot from this course and love how Joey broke down the animated effects from some of the films he worked on.

  3. Lynn Schade

    What a cool course for drawing. My granddaughters and I will have great fun learning so much about animation.

  4. Julia Speropoulos

    Such a useful course on 2d fx animation, hand drawn, paper as well as digital animation. This is such an anticipated course, since I’m currently working on my first 2d hand drawn animation short film. So, this is gold for me. Im learning so much, this opens new doors in my mind, and gives me so much information that i can apply to my own 2d fx. Joe Mildenberger is literally a master of his trade. Thank you so much Creature Art teacher for bringing such amazing artists/teachers to us. I can’t wait for 2dfx advanced course!

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