Character Design with Aaron Blaise

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“I was trained by Aaron Blaise. Aaron is Awesome!”

– Byron Howard (Director: “Zootopia”, “Tangled”, “Bolt”)

In this huge 16+ Hour video course,  animator, director and character design artist Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Mulan”, “Beauty & The Beast”) takes you through his process for creating compelling human and animal characters.  Watch as Aaron creates new original images right in front of you and explains his development process. You’ll get Over 20 HD Tutorial Videos covering:

  • Character Design Approach
  • What to do “Before You Draw”
  • How to work within the context of a  production.
  • How to create characters that convey emotion
  • Pushing your designs
  • Tips & Tricks used by the pros
  • The fundamentals of great character design
  • Designing Human & Animal characters
  • Drawing Tips & Techniques
  • Tons more!

Aaron has an engaging, entertaining and approachable teaching style that people really love. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist these fun and engaging videos will teach you something new!

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Aaron Blaise’s course on Character Design is HUGE.

Character Design Course Previews:


The course contains over 20 Video Lessons and 16+ hours of material.  Watch as Aaron teaches you his techniques for design Human and Animal Characters. In this new course he explains a wide variety of tips & techniques that he has developed over his 28+ animation career. Also, he passes along some lessons that he learned about character design from other legendary Disney trained animators.

The course is broken down into TWO Parts. In PART 1 you will learn the lessons outlined below:

  • What to do “Before You Draw”
  • How to Draw Simple Expressions
  • How to draw eyes that convey emotion
  • Spacial Drawing & Perspective
  • Drawing Tips & Techniques
  • Creating a clear “Line of Action”
  • How to “Push” Your Designs
  • Using Straights & Curves to achieve better designs.
  • Making clear Silhouettes
  • How to Draw “Cute”
  • Making a clear statement
  • Caricature
  • Costumes & Props
  • & Much More

Finally, In PART 2 Aaron will then take all the lessons & apply them in real time. You’ll sit next to him as be breaks down the story of “Peter & The Wolf”. (A synopsis is included for those unfamiliar with the tale) – He will then take you through his process of designing characters for the two lead roles. You’ll be able to watch as he shares his development process just like he would for any film or animation project!

PLUS, you will also get tons of bonus material & images! Over 7 gigs of drawings including high-res jpegs images of the designs in the character design course as well as layered Photoshop files.

Preview Video:

For your convenience we have two a brief example videos below. This excerpt is from the section on “How to Draw CUTE!” – Enjoy.

This next video is from the section on “Pushing Your Designs”

Subtitles & Closed Captions Currently Available for this Course:

  • English CC
  • Spanish (Español)

NOTE: This course is broken up into individual files that you may may stream online or download. Due to file size we strongly recommend you stream the files. Some videos are larger than others so if downloading please be patient as the total course is several gigs of data.

About Aaron Blaise:

Aaron has nearly 30 years of professional art experience. He was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1989 and spent 21+ years helping create films such as: "The Lion King", "Pocahontas", "Mulan" and more. During his time at Disney, Aaron designed and animated numerous animal and human characters. In 2003 he was nominated for an Academy Award for co-directing the film "Brother Bear" You can follow Aaron and see more of his art on Instagram. You can also see videos of his work on YouTube or follow him on Facebook.
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Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of these course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


15 reviews for Character Design with Aaron Blaise

  1. cah.ttb (verified owner)

    Every single class makes you realize how much you can explore, not just with the design of the character, but with the whole environment, story around your characters and feelings that they can bring to the viewer. Aaron was such a huge mentor to me in this course and I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to have a great time drawing and improving in this area!

  2. Libminna e.U. (verified owner)

    Really great course! I am just four lessons in but already got the anatomy course too and will do that one first.Really like Aaron‘s way of explaining, very clear tips that immediatly improved my drawing, especially because I now really think about what I‘m doing (thinking about that form :D). Hope there are many more of these courses on the way!

  3. Ramya (verified owner)

    This course has to be one of the most in-depth courses out there for character design. The way in which Aaron explains is very clear and helps grasps the fundamentals easily. Each lesson has in-depth demonstrations, helping to apply the concepts. It’s a must for anyone looking to learn character design. Thank you Aaron for this wonderful course :)

  4. Jet-Pack Kid (verified owner)

    This course might be my favorite course on this site! Aaron is a great teacher who keeps things simple and really helped me understand character design and showed me how to make my own unique characters. My favorite lesson was probably Line of Action. Now when I draw I use Aaron’s tools like “pushing the caricature” or “drawing through”.
    The course is totally worth the money!

  5. martine (verified owner)

    Again a great course, thanks Aaron for sharing your vast knowledge. So many examples, tips, tricks and other information, that I’ll probably have to revisit again and again, not to forget half of it. Next to all the useful information, learning how to push the caricature, push the action, be bold and work through your problems until you nail it was very insightful. Drawing along I’m getting so much better at gesture, action and (finally) expressions! Totally worth it!

  6. Azelle Bahadory (verified owner)

    This course is full of essential techniques, and the way Aaron explains them is simple and sticks with you. Every minute of his instruction is worth the money. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in drawing characters of any style.

  7. Jan Dober (verified owner)

    For my work as a performer, I got into the situation of having to learn to draw through Corona. As a complete beginner, I was faced with the choice of numerous courses. By chance I came across the website of Aaron and his team and booked my first course. The friendly manner and detailed explanations convinced me immediately. In the meantime, I have made enormous progress and have bought several courses. Every time I watch them again, I discover new important details. The courses are really highly recommendable! Thank you very much for this work.

  8. Brandon Woods (verified owner)

    Incredible lessons. It really puts things in a way I can easily understand. I can’t stop recommended this course enough to fellow artists.

  9. Monika Pinzon (verified owner)

    Aaron Blaise is an insanely talented artist. This course (Which I am still currently in the process of) is AMAZING so far! I’ve been learning so much about anatomy, and he is very good at explaining how to do the art step-by-step. And the great thing is, that if you don’t have the digital drawing platforms he already has, you can simply draw in a sketchbook with a pencil and the course still is perfectly doable! 10/5 stars for sure. I would recommend this course for people who are just getting into drawing, this will definitely help you learn more and boost your abilities farther! <3

  10. Lee Kolenick (verified owner)

    Loving it so far! Just about to get into perspective. Amazing insights, especially overlapping shapes and anatomical stuff! The Premium membership is definitely worth it!

  11. olnikon87 (verified owner)

    This is a great course! Everything is very clear and understandable, Aaron sometimes repeats the same thing several times, because these are very important points, fundamental to character design. Thanks to his explanations and examples everything becomes clear, it only remains to practice.

  12. Mostafa Farweez (verified owner)

    I like this course very much. And how Aaron simplifies the difficulty that is faced when designing a good looking character. With examples, and the breaking down process. I also like his explanation and teaching method. Very effective and impressive. Really worth what you are paying for, and in a enjoyful too.
    Lastly, I advice to see his video streamings on Youtube on Friday. They are really great and I really enjoy when they are live.
    Really Great teacher and wonderful person.

  13. Karra-le Hinrichs (verified owner)

    As a free lance artist who was originally mostly self taught, Aaron’s lessons are amazing! He gives simple instructions and his art helps punctate what he’s explaining. It’s easy to understand and follow. His way of teaching is also very engaging. As someone with trouble focusing usually, he never once lost me or my attention. I highly recommend these for any artist!

  14. Sam Warr (verified owner)

    Aaron’s courses across the board are wonderful, especially if you lean towards animation. Art and animation has always been something I’ve loved all my life. But never took an active attitude to learn and improve until mid/late 20’s, online courses like this (in my opinion) are the most affordable and best way to learn from experts. Without having to put yourself in dept with college/university and if age or international location simply doesn’t allow art schools like CAL Arts and others as an option.

    Aarons courses are insightful and easy to understand without being too “inside baseball” to lose beginners. They offer a lot to people of all skill levels and mediums from digital to traditional. Finally as someone who grew up watching Renaissance Disney films religiously as a kid on my small TV/VHS player. To be able to learn from someone who was a part of that amazing time is too good an opportunity to miss.

  15. Erica Bey (verified owner)

    Very detailed course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone what to go into Character Design.

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