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ON SALE!! Our Best Value!

For the first time ever I am offering an Annual Subscription to my site!!

“I was trained by Aaron Blaise. Aaron is Awesome!”

– Byron Howard (Director: “Zootopia”, “Tangled”, “Bolt”)

Now for one low rate you will get access to EVERYTHING I have to offer. That means you can get ALL of my courses, brushes, lessons, tips & tricks for one flat fee. 

But that’s not all… By becoming a subscriber you’ll also get a lot more including:

  • Early Access to my new courses & videos.
  • Exclusive Sneak Peeks and inside looks at my art and upcoming film projects.
  • Special “subscriber only” LIVE events & newsletters.
  • We’ve also got lots of surprises and bonus content planned.
  • Automatic eligibility for monthly Aaron Blaise signed drawing give-aways!
  • Partner Discounts!
  • 10% Off Physical items like T-shirts & Prints
  • Videos available for streaming AND download


Great Partner Discounts & Art Give Aways!

I am super pleased to announce that we are working with some great software, hardware and art material partners to offer subscriber discounts on tools that I use personally, and know that you will love.

Each Month Annual Subscribers & Monthly Streaming Members are automatically registered for a random art give away. Every month one subscriber will be chosen at random to receive a signed, original drawing by Aaron Blaise.

In fact, some of these are so good that the cost of the subscription pays for itself almost instantly.

We are offering the very first one starting today! All premium members will receive a discount code good for a huge percentage off TVPaint 11You can save up to 37% OFF!!


By becoming an annual subscriber you will receive a special promo code that is good for use at the TVPaint website.

There are two versions of the software eligible for this promo.

You can check them here : Professional / Standard.

Below are your pricing & discounts (shipping costs excluded)*:

Discounts for Freelance Artists :
TVPaint 11 Standard Edition : 500 €  425 €  (you save over 15%)
TVPaint 11 Professional Edition : 1250 €  1062.50 €  (you save over 15%)

Discounts for Students :
TVPaint 11 Standard Edition :  250 € > 165 €  (you save 34%)
TVPaint 11 Professional Edition :  500 € > 315 €  (you save 37%)

In the days ahead we will have a lot more info on all of these features & benefits… And we will of course be announcing special bonuses to subscribers as they happen.

We are also going to be adding tons of new items and content to the site all the time.

Now, I do want to stress that the subscription is not required. If you prefer to get things one at a time you will always have the option to do so.

Again, my goal is to make this information accessible to as many people as possible so I always want you to have the choice of what works best for you!

BUT, if you like things simple, like I do, I think you will find that that is the most affordable way to get all the benefits of the art knowledge that I want to share with the world! I’ve tried to make this an outstanding value for you all.

 Terms & Conditions:

  • 1.) Membership Fee renews automatically on an Annual Basis.
  • 2.) You can cancel at any time.
  • 3.) Product & Partner discounts may change.
  • 4.) Partner discounts may be subject to additional restrictions as determined by the vendor.
Last updated: August 22nd, 2018

14 reviews for Annual Premium Membership

  1. bebop_321 (verified owner)

    An incredible value for the price! Tons and tons of content in one single purchase (in fact, you get EVERYTHING you see on Aaron’s website with this annual subscription, which is great considering that two or three individual courses cost almost as much as this one year membership). You can download all the material and own it forever or watch the videos in streaming if you prefer.

    In-depth videos about human anatomy, wildlife drawing, character design, tons of brushes and textures to improve your digital paintings (most of which come along with an explanatory video tutorial)… Just amazing, it’s totally worth it

  2. Deanna (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this to anyone serious about art. This has helped me in so many ways. He is extremely thorough, but he does not have a lot of unnecessary exposition. His works that look like they would take hours to do, he shows how to do them in in just an hour or so. Nothing is sped up so you see exactly what it is he is doing.

    The price is high, at least for a college student such as myself, but what you receive in return is complete worth every penny. He puts so work much into these tutorials and brushes, and he shows how to use the brushes.

    His resume is impressive, and any artist/animator who wants to move on to things like Disney, or Dreamworks, Aaron is definitely one you want to take notes from.

  3. Jean (verified owner)

    I just started learning from his videos on youtube and had a huge leap in my skills in a very short time (and I had been stuck for years with no direction). Now that I bought the entire course, I hope to get even better. I’m in love with his work and can certainly say this is the teacher I always asked for. Don’t think twice on buying and supporting his work. :)

  4. sarahwhelo (verified owner)

    One of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. My photoshop skills have taken a huge leap all because of his tutorials. I’ve learned so much already and I haven’t even made a dent in the courses available!

  5. amyvanzi98 (verified owner)

    Amazing content for an amazing price! you make learning fun and easy and you inspire me so much thank you Aaron!

  6. Revival (verified owner)

    This is gold! I wanted to study animation but the places available to study in my country, aren’t very good. My frustration drove me to find Aaron Blaise and eventually, this website.

    Thanks to Blaise and the other teachers on this site, I am able to study animation from a world-class teacher who really has a heart for people and art.
    Now, I am studying animation and I rely on this website for my education mostly.

    Keep going Aaron! You’re a huge blessing the art community!

    Thank you so much
    Your fan

  7. jodispc (verified owner)

    I was unsure about getting a subscription, but now that I did it, I am amazed how helpful and enjoyable this is. For an artist, who is not doing this as a business, this seemed like a big investment but I am glad I did. In my opinion, it was worth it. It is both educational and entertaining. I have learned a lot from the videos that I have watched thus far and it is helping me take my art to another level.

  8. francisco.riosc (verified owner)

    This is the best course I’ve can bought, thanks to Aaron for making this course, no one could make it better than you :)

  9. Natalie Hale (verified owner)

    I am forever indebted to Aaron.
    After not having illustrated for ten years, and now looking at a possible children’s book illustration assignment on lions, I turned to YouTube and found Aaron. Eureka! Then I found his site, immediately bought an annual membership, and for me, the rest is history.

    Being only old school, I knew zip about equipment or using Photoshop as an illustrator (I’d used it for graphic design only.) Following Aaron and studying his videos like crazy, I bought a Cintiq 16 and went to work. Two weeks later, I was able to produce a lion portrait that looked like I knew what I was doing.

    To tell Aaron THANK YOU is not enough, but it is heartfelt! Without your teaching, I would be crawling along at a snail’s pace.

    You are a marvelous teacher. I’m also an educator, and “it takes one to know one.” I teach kids with disabilites to read, and teachers–those who yearn to pass on what they know–are in a special club. Aaron is clearly one of the leaders of that club.

  10. Mads Klarlund (verified owner)

    No less than 5 stars, obviously!

    This membership has meant everything. Not only is Aaron Blaise a source of incredible knowledge and talent, he also exudes sheer passion for his work by teaching us the importance of personal perseverance and imbuing the world with art and beauty.
    For me, becoming a member, initially, didn’t just revolve around what content I could get my hands on and to what extent I could get it. For me it was the whole package, meaning the philosophy of Aaron’s approach to life. It’s really contagious and I’m just basking in the joy of having to be a part of the whole experience.

    Therefore, my appreciation is twofold. On a more practical level, I’m grateful for all the things he’s taught me whether it be animal anatomy or the proces of a sketch to a finished painting. More importantly, though, I’m happy and excited that he has reminded me of the joy of drawing and creating, fueling the blissful memories of childhood.

    Thank you very much…

  11. Davide (verified owner)

    Unfortunatly only five stars are avaiable couse it deserve at least a couple more.
    I work in the game industry and always dig the web to find and use great resources, courses, way to improve my skill, learn different things, challenge myself and so on…here was the only place where I could find everithing I was looking for put toghether for a price that honestly…it’s so cheap that you can think it’s a joke…but instead it’s true and besides that Aaron it’s a Legend with decades of experience and the willing to pass his knowledge, his inspiring and fun and all his video are well structured and in great quality.
    If you’re an artist and you’re serious about your training you SHOULD have it, as much as any real animator have his copy of the Animator Survival Kit.

    I never thank Aaron enough for this unique opportunity.

  12. Hector (verified owner)

    So much content that I kinda feel like I’m stealing.
    Thank you so much Aaron for this amazing deal.

  13. cmzuby (verified owner)

    Excellent videos and lessons. I have suggested time and again that my students interested in animation — or digital art in general- seriously request a subscription for their holiday/Christmas gift. Best available! And with the upswing in digital degrees and interest in creating gaming and animation at both University of Alberta and Red Deer College (Canada) this is an invaluable and affordable series the students (and I) really need to have in our toolboxes. Many thanks!

  14. Kees van Diepen (verified owner)

    This is an amazing deal. I started out with Big Cats. Then Digital Painting in Photoshop, and I just wanted more.
    There are so many tutorials which would rack up into the thousands of dollars and it would still be worth the price, but here is a deal (often in discount) that just gives you all of it plus everything else that comes out for the next year!

    Thank you Aaron for your hundreds of hours of talking through your process, drawing, painting.. animating!
    With one purchase, I’ve got enough material to spend the next ten years at least.

    Thank you so much!

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