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  1. Thank you so much Mr. Blaise, you are the greatest! Master!
    I am also happy because I could directly contribute to my favourite contemporary artist (you) by purchasing the tutorials + learning new skills.
    As a suggestion: because the tutorial is huge (and this is better, instead of being short and useless), we need time to absorb and implement the special knowledge.
    For those who purchased the tutorials, you could create an email, or a link on your website were we could upload the little animations we will do in the future, or just simply sending a youtube link where you can see them. The purpose of this would be quick evaluation and critique, if you are still available for this possibility.
    Thank you and I wish you the best: Alex M.

  2. heya! its so awesome that you made these tutorials. its been my dream to be an animator. but because of how pricey the schools where I mostly learned on my own on how things work and such. I’ve been an artist for 24 years never had experience in the professional field.

    but I feel like I’m at least good enough to try and make a short of my very own. my goal is to be as smooth and beautiful as Disney with a touch of my very own style.

    i want to try and give you some animation that i have done before your course and perhaps show you some animation after it. i’m not super new to animation but this will really help, besides the books i bought. yaay for 2d hand drawn animation you’re my idol^^

    1. Thanks for your excellent work!!! You are a great inspiration for all,a really big master.My fav Master. :)

  3. Thank you for creating these! I’m a CG animator whose passionate about animation and I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I’m always looking to improve my work and I think your tutorials will really help. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks so much for creating this course, your passion for animation is infectious.
    I look forward to learning more from you.
    best regards

  5. thank you for your awesome tutorial
    i just purchased it and it is still in downloading
    i can wait to see it and practice with it

    thank you
    shifu master

  6. Thank you very much for Complete Animation Course Mr. Blaise !
    You are a Great Master

  7. Hi,
    I watched the entire course and I learned A LOT! and one thing I learned also is that, other than I’m not good in animation, and I need a lot of practice, but I felt like… this is the language that I speak! how the character becomes what he says, how the curve is so important in the movement, and lots of other things that I used to notice in good animation but couldn’t explain. the information are like rain in the desert to me.

    the only thing I wish for is that you make assignments for each lesson, correct them, and have a certificate, or even a small note that the course was completed.

    I’ll be the first one to send my animation :)

    Thank you so much.

    Lama Bayoun.

  8. Very excited and happy. This makes my heart sing. Animation rocks!!!

  9. Hi Aaron! First of all, thanks for these tutorials, they are absolutely amazing. Quick request. Is there any way you could explain when to use 1s or 2s when animating? I’ve only been animating on 1s so far since I’m a beginner, but I heard it’s a good idea to use a mixture of 1s and 2s. I have no idea how close the frames should be and it’s quite confusing since it will be different when animating on different frame speeds.

    Sadly, there are no specific tutorials online for this. Is there any way you could try help me out by giving a few tips? Or possibly maybe a short video on this?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Check out the book called “Timing for Animation”. It says that you should animate on 1s for quick action and 2s for slower actions.

  10. Thank you so much for this course, you´re helping us artist in an awesome way. :D

  11. Thank-you so much for these videos! [Complete Animation Course]
    I shared the link to your product page with the rest of my fellow animators and with my students. I hope that you will get a few more sales from them.

  12. Hey Aaron,
    Thank you for creating the “Complete Animation Course”!

    I have always wanted to learn how to animate but living in Germany I had only limited access to do so. In art school I only learned how to use the tools of 3ds max to move objects and set keyframes which gave me a slight idea of how animation worked. 9 years ago, when I was 17, I considered going to sheridan college in Canada to learn the fundamentals of 2D animation but due to the high fees I chose another path as an illustrator and concept artist in Germany.

    I am truly grateful for this course that you have created.
    I never gave up on my dream of becoming an animator and
    your tutorials give me the confidence that I can actually become one.

    Kind regards and a happy new year!

    Patrick Deza

  13. thank you for all of this wonderful videos, I’ve seen the first two lessons and I really learned a lot, I’ am surprised!! What I think it will help, in my case , its that maybe you can put the diferent layers in a single image, like the locomotion of the tiger, so we can see better the process, per example, in the ballerina example, I would love to see all the drawings or the bunny example, It’s an oppinion from my point of view!! but again, Thank you!!! and Blessings!!

  14. Thank you!!

    This is the best present I have ever made myself :) And I’m happy I can contribute to your work making all these great tutorials. I’m a huge fan and I hope someday I can do amazing animation like you.

    Kisses from Barcelona!

  15. Hi Aaron,

    I just want to say Thank you :D
    I just purchased the complete course and I’m so excited to study from You, it’s like a dream.

    Thank you again for the great work!!

    Kisses from Italy :)

  16. Thank you Mr Blaise! Hard to find such great Courses. Almost finished to watch the anatomy tutorial and couldn’t wait to purchase this one!


  17. I know you get an overwhelming amount of replies, but if you do happen to read this one comment I wanted to say thanks for the tutorials, I’m just starting out and bought your complete animation tutorials today (May 29, 2016) so I can’t say a whole lot about the actual product yet I’ve only had it for a little while. I also left you a comment on your youtube on one of your videos asking a question, if you happen to see it as well, I was “NightFox” on there, it’s not important if you reply, I just wanted to make note of that just incase you do happen to see either comment on youtube or this one here. Again thank you, I am seeking into going to school for animation, I’m currently enrolled in a visual arts program at a tech school designed for transfering students to go into programs such as animation. I’ve been looking into Savannah college of art and design and Ringling. Anyway I hope this all helps me learn more about all of this and help me decide further which area to pursure further, I was thinking of 3D computer animation, but I’m trying my best to take it one step at a time. Again thank you for putting this together and I’m also glad I caught it on sale.

  18. Great course material, you cover so many of the subjects that I’m interested in, human + animal anatomy, animation fundamentals and character design. I’m not sure if you cover values, light & colour, I will have to wait and see.

    The only feedback I have right now is to consider offering critique classes / sessions.

    God Bless.

  19. Thank you soo much for your hard work Mr. Aaron sir!

  20. Sr. Blaise usted es increíble, se nota que realmente ama enseñando y compartiendo lo que sabe, estudiare este curso con mucha pasión y compartiré mi trabajo con usted, espero llegar a ser como usted y algún día compartir trabajo juntos, un abrazo desde Perú C:

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your wide and precious experience!! You are such a great artist, not just for your skills and professional experience but because
    you want to help other people grow in your field.
    Thank you again for making all these incredible courses and tutorials!!

  22. Hi, thank you very much for the course, I’ve been a digital animator for some years now but I feel I need to “up” my game and I think that these tutorials are just what I need.

    I see you use TV Paint for the courses. I’m a ToonBoom user and as far as I know I can follow the examples without a problem using harmony.
    I’d like more information and comparison between TVPaint and ToonBoom, as far as I know the former is better suited for frame to frame animation. But, if possible, I’d like to hear some tips about using ToonBoom with this course and for animating in general.

    Thank you again for your work.

  23. Thank you for your work and for sharing your great experience.

  24. Dear Aaron, thank you soooo much for this opportunity! I’m an artist from Kazakhstan and I’m a big fan of yours! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a long time and LOVE what you create! I love all these beautiful films you worked on! I’ve also listened to several podcasts with your participation and I love how easily you share with your knowledge and experience. You are an amazing artist and human being! I’m so so grateful! Thank you!

  25. I am interested in getting a Cintiq Pro 32. I saw a video with you talking about it on Youtube. Then, I saw the classes. I was like, wow!

    I just got the year sub. for them.

    So, long story. haha in 03, someone killed me. Which, is not a very cool thing to do. haha They were screwing around and I was the victim. I was in a coma for 6 weeks and you know, I woke up blind. But, I got my sight back! About 8%. I can see perfectly straight on.

    Anyway, I started doing home school in like, 01. After what happened to me did, I took a bit to get back into doing the classes. I am 34 and still not finished. haha I have like, part of one left.

    I cannot go to any college for a degree, until I finish. But, I can learn as much as I can before. That, is where you come in. haha Now, it is probably way to late for me. But, after what happened to me did, time does not exist, if that makes any sense. So, I don’t stress about my age.

    I actually have a copyright on a cartoon now. I am writing a series of kids books. I am excited, to learn animation and try to make it into whatever I can.

    Thank you for the classes and I am excited to learn.

  26. Hi Mr. Blaise,
    Thank you for all these wonderful courses and brushes.
    I am a complete newbie so I guess I start at the human anatomy. I have been wanting to animate stories for children for a long time and I also wanted to illustrate my children’s books I write. Now I see the opportunity of actually achieving my dream with the art style I love. I hope to be at least half as good as you are some day. You are an awesome artist! I can see that this is going to be a wonderful creative year for me.
    Thanks again for giving us this wonderful opportunity and making it affordable.

  27. Hi Mr. Blaise,
    This feels like Christmas! Which box do I open first? They all look soooo good! So much to learn; so little time…
    Thank you for all these wonderful courses and brushes.
    I am a complete newbie so I guess I start at the human anatomy. I have been wanting to animate stories for children for a long time and I also wanted to illustrate my children’s books I write. Now I see the opportunity of actually achieving my dream with the art style I love. I hope to be at least half as good as you are some day. You are an awesome artist! I can see that this is going to be a wonderful creative year for me.
    Thanks again for giving us this wonderful opportunity and making it affordable.

  28. Thank You for EVERYTHING!

  29. Thank you for the courses Sir.
    I just had a request. It would be really helpful if you could introduce a Layout Artist course. I am an animation student and I’m interested in learning ‘How to make layouts'(for 2d animation)- the whole process. I hope it happens someday. Thank you.

  30. Going to be amazing jumping into this particular saddle again; I was an animation student after I first graduated about 17 years ago, but had to drop out (twice!) due to family issues. Don’t know if you ever worked with him, but my first instructor was a guy named Don Boone, who did work on a couple Disney films (Tarzan II and A Little Mermaid II, that I know of). Hopefully my kid will be jumping in on some lessons as well.

  31. Thank you Aaron! I’ve never tried animation before, I’m more of a 2-D artist. But I’ve loved Disney all my life and your love of animation has inspired me to try it out. Thank you for making learning new skills so affordable!

  32. Thanks a lot Aaron Blaise for your work and knowledge sharing.
    I just purchase it today, I’m in my second year of animation school in Belgium, and I can’t wait to go deeper into the art of 2D animation thanks to your tutorials.

  33. Thank you Aaron for making your knowledge available especially during lockdown and for those of us cramped financially. I’m not new to animation having a bachelors in character animation, but it’s been five years since my graduation and I’ve yet to have a demo reel I’m happy with. I’ve just purchased your complete tutorial today and plan to begin digging in after work. I can’t wait to learn from one of the best and show you what I’ve accomplished.
    Much appreciation for all you do.

  34. Hi Mr. Blaise,
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious experience and making the courses affordable for so many people! Thank you!!!

  35. thanks for your generosity Mr. Bleise , you’re paving the way, God bless you!

  36. Hi, I’m very glad to have supported you! I consider myself a bit of an aspiring animator and a budding artist, and 2D animation really inspires me. But as I have lots of interests, I get easily distracted by other things although I hope to break out of that habit someday. I did delve a bit into your courses however, and I’ve found them to be very informative! I’d happily get all of them if I was able to afford it. Thank you so much for providing many opportunities for your customers to learn some things about art.

  37. Thank You Aaron, I’ve been a happy customer for some years now and I’m always pleased to see and willing to learn all the knowledge that you share with the World :)
    Best wishes and season greetings!

  38. Thank you very much, i dreamed about Disney when i was young. And now i can learn animation from a master who worked on the rescuers down under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin.
    I will use these precious tutorials for a stop motion animation. And in the futur for 2d traditionnal animation.
    Thanks again.

  39. Thank you so much for all the awesome courses that you offer for us Sir Blaise! I’m really excited and hopeful to learn valuable knowledge in all these lessons! I’m really glad to have found you on YouTube at the perfect time! I was able to get the courses on sale with great discounts! Now I am certain that the foundation that I’m building will be strong. It is my privilege and honor to learn animation from the master.

  40. I’m an artist and my daughter is picking stuff up and really loves animation. I started showing her some time ago how to draw guide lines. How much to space the eyes apart etc. Until we started watching your videos she didn’t want to listen because she thought I was the only one doing it that way. lol! I am looking forward to watching these with her and learning as well.

  41. Hi Aaron! I’m from Venezuela and I just want to say that I’m really grateful for sharing all your knowledge in animation and illustration with these courses! ✨ Finally got the opportunity to purchase some of them and I’m really excited to learn and practice, thank you so much again! Hope you’re doing well, my best wishes and gracias en español 😎

  42. Hi Aaron and the team many thanks from Nairobi ,Kenya . I appreciate the good work you are doing putting up this animation courses. This will help me a lot, starting up my career in 2d animation.

  43. Thank you for providing these courses at such a generous price. I took an aptitude test that said that I should seriously explore filmmaking and animation. But, normally courses in animation are very expensive. You have made it very affordable for me to explore it. I have been interested in learning animation since at least high school. When I first accessed YouTube as a teen, I had a dream of one day having my own YouTube channel. I have a disability that prevents me from being able to work a normal job which further limits the financial resources I have to spend on learning things. I am currently a college student majoring in creative writing. These resources being available at such a low price really helps me a lot with being able to pursue my dream of learning how to animate as a hobby. I am stuck at home a lot due to life circumstances (I am not referring to COVID here). The courses on this site help to encourage me to pursue learning how to draw and animate. I have not gotten very far with any of the courses, but what I have seen makes learning these things seem doable.

  44. Thank you so much for passing on the knowledge through your courses :)

    I have learned a lot from them.

  45. I’m so excited to try and learn! with being able to purchase this and dreams coming out I feel so much more spirt to create! Thank you for this opportunity!

  46. Gracias a usted Sr. Aaron por compartir toda tu experiencia y conocimientos con nosotros, desde Ecuador le mando un cariñoso saludo y gratitud por darnos tanto que aprender por tan poco, si desea saber que nos gustaría pedirle a usted, desde Hispano-america solo deseamos que mas cursos estén disponibles en idioma español (o al menos subtituladas) para que esta gran experiencia esté al alcance de todas las personas de habla española que deseen aprender mas de grandes artistas como usted.

    Bendiciones a usted y su familia.

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