How to Draw Animals: The Big Cats

How to Draw Big Cats Animal Drawing Course


01 Drawing Lion Heads

Length: 52 minutes

Start by getting to know the lion skull, differences between male and female, and how to apply details such as fur, hair and manes.

02 Drawing Lion Legs

Length: 37 minutes

Aaron takes you through the musculature, anatomy and skeletal structure related to lion legs and paws.

03 Lion Bodies

Length: 69 minutes

Compare lion male, lion female and human body analogy; identify spine rigid and flexible parts to draw lions in movement.

04 Drawing Tiger Heads

Length: 83 minutes

Aaron recaps his knowledge about tigers, starting with the head, and shows the small but significant differences with lions.

05 Tiger Locomotion

Length: 30 minutes

Analyze tigers locomotion with an animation Aaron prepared for you.

07 Drawing Leopard Heads

Length: 55 minutes

Compare the leopard and lion skull to understand differences and characteristics of the smaller but stronger big cat.

09 Cheetah Heads

Length: 60 minutes

Learn about the characteristics that make cheetahs the fastest land animal.

10 Cheetah Bodies & Movement

Length: 67 minutes

Aaron explains why he considers cheetahs the most unique between the big cats, while comparing their heads.

11 Drawing Cougar Heads

Length: 23 minutes

See the cougar’s pics and skull as you explore the head of the last big cat in this series.

12 Cougar Bodies

Length: 27 minutes

Use the information from previous big cats to learn about the proportions of the cougar body.