Fundamentals of Animation

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01 Solid Drawing

Length: 5 minutes

Learn the importance of good drawing and draftsmanship as it relates to proficiency as a 2D, or even a 3D animator.

03 Anticipation

Length: 8 minutes

Aaron describes the concept of setting up anticipation for your movement and actions

05 Arcs

Length: 4 minutes

Aaron explains how moving your animation on arcs and even “arcs within arcs” can make it seem more life-like.

06 Slow In & Slow Out

Length: 6 minutes

Learn how to ease in and out of your motion to soften your animation and make it seem more believable.

08 Staging

Length: 10 minutes

Aaron explains how to position your point of interest with the frame so that it reads clearly and properly conveys your intent and emotion.

09 Secondary Action

Length: 4 minutes

Know the difference between “secondary action” and “overlapping action”.

10 Exaggeration

Length: 7 minutes

Use exaggeration and “pushing your animation” to make the results feel more real.

11 Appeal

Length: 12 minutes

Learn why it is so important that the public empathize with your character and they acting.

12 Bipedal Walk

Length: 49 minutes

Follow an exercise to animate a two legged walk cycle.

13 Biped Run

Length: 42 minutes

Apply what you learned previously to get a biped run cycle.