Fundamentals of Animation

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02 Squash & Stretch + Timing

Length: 16 minutes

In this lesson you will learn two of the most basic and important principles of animation. Having a good understanding of “Squash & Stretch” along with how it relates to

03 Anticipation

Length: 8 minutes

In this brief video lesson Aaron explains the concept of setting up anticipation for your movement and actions.

04 Follow Through & Overlapping Action

Length: 11 minutes

In this short video lesson Aaron explains how to use follow through and overlapping action to make you animation more believable and fluid.

05 Arcs

Length: 4 minutes

In this short video, Aaron explains how moving your animation on arcs and even “arcs within arcs” can make your animation seem more life-like.

06 Slow In & Slow Out

Length: 6 minutes

In this short video, Aaron explains ease in and out of your motion to soften your animation and make it seem more believable.

08 Staging

Length: 10 minutes

In this video, Aaron explains how to position your point of interest with the frame so that it reads clearly and properly conveys your intent and emotion.

09 Secondary Action

Length: 4 minutes

In this short video, Aaron the concept of “secondary action” and how it differs from “overlapping  action”.

10 Exaggeration

Length: 7 minutes

In this brief video, Aaron explains how using exaggeration and “pushing your animation” help makes it feel more real.

11 Appeal

Length: 12 minutes

In this video you will learn the importance of adding “appeal” into your characters and visuals so that your animation is pleasing to the audience.

12 Bipedal Walk

Length: 49 minutes

In this video, Aaron demonstrates how to animate a two legged walk cycle.

13 Biped Run

Length: 42 minutes

In this video, Aaron builds on what you learned about two legged walks and applies them that knowledge to a run cycle.