How to Draw Human Anatomy

Drawing Human Anatomy
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02 The Skeleton

Length: 35 minutes

In this lesson Aaron breaks down tips, techniques & things to keep in mind when drawing the human skeleton.

03 Head Proportions

Length: 33 minutes

In this lesson Aaron explains the crucial importance of head proportions and how it relates to drawing the rest of the body.

04 Drawing Eyes

Length: 27 minutes

Watch as Aaron Blaise explains how to draw realistic and believable eyes.

05 Drawing Noses

Length: 24 minutes

Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to draw the human nose.

07 Drawing Mouths

Length: 28 minutes

In this 28 minute video. Aaron Blaise explains his approach to drawing the human mouth.

08 Body Proportions

Length: 14 minutes

In this brief lesson, Aaron explains the differences in body proportion for various body types.

10 Drawing Hands

Length: 64 minutes

Drawing expressive hands is something artists have struggled with since the first days of image making. In this lesson, Aaron Blaise, shares his insights for how to master drawing human…

11 Drawing Legs

Length: 39 minutes

Aaron shares the fundamentals of proportions and anatomy while drawing the human leg.

12 Drawing Feet

Length: 51 minutes

Feet, along with hands, tend to be one of the areas with which many artists struggle. Watch as Aaron provides pointers on how to tackle drawing the human foot.

13 Drawing the Torso

Length: 60 minutes

Aaron Blaise explains the fundamentals of drawing the human torso. This video is approximately 1 hour long.

14 Gesture Drawing

Length: 39 minutes

Watch as Aaron Blaise explains the fundamentals and key principles of gesture drawing. Good gesture drawing is an absolutely vital skill for any artist to have and understand.

15 Finishing The Gesture

Length: 67 minutes

Watch as Aaron delves deeper into the important skill of drawing the human gesture and capturing the pose.

16 The Human Body In Motion

Length: 35 minutes

Watch as Aaron Blaise shares his insight into how the human body behaves while in motion as only he can. With his background in animation, Aaron is able to provide…