How to Draw Human Anatomy

Drawing Human Anatomy
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02 The Skeleton

Length: 35 minutes

Know tips, techniques & things to keep in mind when you´re drawing the human skeleton.

03 Head Proportions

Length: 33 minutes

Aaron talks about the crucial importance of head proportions and how it relates to drawing the rest of the body.

04 Drawing Eyes

Length: 27 minutes

Get tips to draw more realistic and believable eyes.

05 Drawing Noses

Length: 24 minutes

Learn the basic anatomy of nose and how to draw it from different viewpoints.

06 Drawing Ears

Length: 22 minutes

Aaron shows the importance of ears and the reference points in the skull to draw them.

07 Drawing Mouths

Length: 28 minutes

Aaron explains his approach to draw and shade the mouth from different perspectives.

08 Body Proportions

Length: 14 minutes

Learn the differences and considerations in proportion for various body types.

10 Drawing Hands

Length: 64 minutes

Aaron shares his insights for how to master drawing human hands.

11 Drawing Legs

Length: 39 minutes

Acquire the fundamentals of proportions and anatomy to draw the human leg.

12 Drawing Feet

Length: 51 minutes

Watch as Aaron provides pointers on how to tackle drawing the human foot.

14 Gesture Drawing

Length: 39 minutes

Learn why good gesture drawing is an absolutely vital skill for any artist to have and understand.

15 Finishing The Gesture

Length: 67 minutes

Aaron takes you through the process to make your drawing poses feel connected. Share your best gesture drawing with #LearningFromAaron #AaronBlaiseTutorial