STORY! For Live Action & Animation with Chuck Williams


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In this story course follow along with Chuck Williams (Brother Bear, Pocahontas, The Lion Ling) as he explains methods, tips and techniques for good Storytelling!

Chuck has nearly 30 years experience in the film, animation & video game industries. He has worked as film editor, producer, screen writer and film executive on numerous studio and independent projects. In this course he collects a lifetime of storytelling techniques that he has developed on his own or learned from other industry pros and shares them with you.

These are tried and true methods that Chuck has trained industry professionals in. He has also taught these techniques at the college and masters degree levels .

Watch as he breaks down the key elements of storytelling for film and animation.

You will learn:

  • Story Structure & Screenplay Writing Tips
  • The Story Boarding & “Beat Board” Process
  • Elements of story including:
    • World
    • Plot
    • Character
    • Theme
  • How to develop well rounded characters
  • Writing an effective “logline”
  • The differences in developing story for live action vs animation
  • Filmmaking from a Producer’s Point Of View:
    • The “Producer’s Curve”
    • Budget Tips
    • Independent vs. Studio Differences
  • + MUCH MORE!

Throughout the course Chuck will provide examples, show clips and provide references to reinforce the concepts you will learn.

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In this in-depth story course Chuck Williams (IMDB) breaks down his approach to storytelling for live action and animation.

Story Course Details:

In addition to the 8 HD videos totaling just over 7+ hours of content you will also receive additional course assets including:

  • 100’s of Slides/PDF Decks
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Recommended Films Watch List

NOTE: This course may be streamed online or download. We recommend you stream the files. The total download content of this course with Bonus Material is approx. 11.5 Gigs of data.

About Chuck Williams:

Chuck Willams has nearly 30 years crafting stories in the live action, animation and video game industries. He has worked as an editor, producer, script writer and film executive at studios such as Walt Disney Feature Animation and Marza. He has also worked extensively with Pixar leadership on storytelling. 

Chuck ran the prestigious Disney Short Films program for a time and has taught storytelling at the college level and master's degree levels.  

He has extensive experience bringing films and productions from the conceptual idea phase all the way through to the finished product on screen.


Subtitles & Closed Captions Currently Available for this Course:

  • English CC

Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of this course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


8 reviews for STORY! For Live Action & Animation with Chuck Williams

  1. Erica Bey (verified owner)

    Great course.

  2. Daniella (verified owner)

    This course was amazing. One of the best tutorials I have ever watched. He is a wonderful teacher and explains everything so well. A must watch for all who is interested in this subject.
    Well done! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. Valerie Rieker (verified owner)

    These classes are outstanding! I wasn’t sure how these would be, but I am totally bowled over by the amount of usable information delivered in a clear way. Chuck Williams comes alive with his love of story and his deep hands-on knowledge of how stories work. I enjoy watching these as much as I enjoy putting on Disney+.

  4. HERON DAVID MARTINEZ (verified owner)

    Sincerely… This is the best course about Story writing, i have studied. i have read many books about the subject, whatched many videos, paid and free, online classes etc. But nothing come close to what i have learned in these videos. Thank you Mr. Chuck Williams, you are a true professional, great teacher and artist.

  5. Lucas Smarker (verified owner)

    I just finished reading a fantastic book on story called, Directing the Story by Francis Glebas, so I thought I would know a lot coming into this course. Chuck offered a new point of view to storytelling and really surprised me with plenty of gold nuggets of information. He also provided excellent examples to go along with each lesson. I particularly liked the way he explained the ‘3 act structure’ and his ideas on ‘pro-theme vs anti-theme’. Before each workday I would watch one of his lessons, and it would help me create much more clear and emotionally driven storyboards. I would recommend this to anyone from beginner to veteran.

  6. Cedar (verified owner)

    So I wasn’t too interested in this course, but I have a membership and I thought that there might be a chance that some of the content might help with a script problem I was having. So I took a chance- why not.

    So glad I did. Chuck talked about concepts that I already knew- the difference is he added so much relative commentary and examples that my understanding and skills leveled up- big time. This course turned out to be the secret sauce to the behind the scenes of story construction. It by far has been one of the most valuable courses, for me, that Aaron offers. It’s great to draw and draft and create- but to be able to turn that into something special in terms of story is even better. Thank you Aaron and Chuck, and Dustin.

  7. Jet-Pack Kid (verified owner)

    This course is super helpful for anyone who wants to tell stories but doesn’t really know how. Chuck Williams explains the basic structure of a good story and how to create your own story using that design. He talks about how Disney writes their stories and talks about their ‘story trust’. Something I learned from him is the concept of ‘mental real estate’. Good teacher and he explains all the concepts he teaches with clips from movies. And Chuck’s raspy voice is pretty cool too.

  8. KIM (verified owner)

    WOW! This course is sooo compelling! The wisdom and thought that is put into each lesson in this course will help you tell any type of story!

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