Hand Drawn Animation – “Trunk Troubles”

I’ve been excited more and more recently by the possibilities of TVPaint. It had been a little while since I had sat down and created any original animation so I got the itch to do something fun. This was just a quick little piece that I created in 8 days using my Wacom Cintiq and TVPaint. I was thinking about elephants when I got the idea for this character name Cyrano. This short animation shows some of the hijinks he gets into with his trunk. I hope you like it… I think I’ll do more with this character soon.

If you like this animation and love animals like I do, please consider making a donation to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – They are a WONDERFUL organization that takes care of orphaned baby elephants.

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About Aaron Blaise

For 21 years Aaron worked with Disney helping to create some of the greatest animated films ever made. During that time he worked as an animator or supervising animator on "The Rescuers Down Under", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", "The Lion King", "Pocahontas", "Mulan" and more. In 2003 he was co-director of "Brother Bear" for which he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. After "Brother Bear" he helped to develop several projects but ultimately left Disney to pursue an opportunity back home in Florida. Aaron recently served as 2D Animation Supervisor and Character Designer for the "The Bear and the Hare" an advertisement loved by millions around the world. He is currently also working on a new animated short film, once again involving bears called "Snow Bear".

13 thoughts on “Hand Drawn Animation – “Trunk Troubles”

  1. Absolutely brilliant Aaron! Love your work. So much energy in you work.

  2. Loved this and can definitely see that classic Disney tradition in it. His face (eyes especially) are so expressive. We knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling without him saying a word. I hope to see much more of Cyrano (terrific name by the way!) in the future!

  3. Amazing work Aaron! I love it! Keep it up.

  4. How wonderful to see some nice, satisfying hand drawn animation. So great to watch all the weight, follow thru, etc as only the human hand can do.

  5. Sir, really love your work and sense of Humor. I love the way you approach drawing and painting animals. I am a beginner artist and have started following your free tutorials from youtube. I always wanted to be an animator and now i have found some one to look upto.

  6. That was a treat.

  7. I loved this video it was cute and funny. I also loved the movies you helped work on/direct. I started watching one of your videos on youtube when I was trying to figure out what tablet to get since I would eventually like to get good at digital art when I came across your website. I don’t really have a lot of money *no job/college student (not art major)* but for sure I am going to watch all or video tips!

    The video I saw as the Zebra/Lion =3 was great I learned quite a bit about shading/coloring and even sketching in general! I cant wait to start reading the Elephant PDF as well x3 thanks for all this great help and for protecting wildlife. Who could hate big cats and other great creatures!?

  8. All of us following your tutorials and work are so very fortunate. To have a master artist/animator who worked at Disney on the films which revived animation showing how it is done is more than any of us could have imagined.

    In the 1980’s I had the good fortune of meeting Art Babbit (he was my mother’s neighbor, and asked me to come by and hang out with him once he found out I was interested in animating), but I did not understand the incredible gift he was offering me. I am not going to make the same mistake twice. I am going to grab everything you offer with both hands and run as far and fast as I can with it.

    Thank you so very much for your good heart, Aaron, and for sharing your amazing talent and helping everyone to be the best they can be.

  9. *talent = years and years of intelligent PRACTICE. Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

  10. Aaron you should come the Jamaica to teach a class.

  11. excellent j ai ri la quasi totalité du court métrage

  12. Fantastic! I had a good laugh, well deserved these days… Thank you!!!

  13. Really heartfelt and endearing work. How much character is packed (pachydermed?) into these shorts. Your Story Summit seminars were amazing. I used to teach high school, and your character motivation breakdown was so elegant…just managed to sum up a topic I think I used fumble quite a bit with how to describe.

    I was a big fan of Toon Boom (primarily because they had a student edition). Iʻve heard good things about TV Paint, but have not had a chance to try it. I would be curious if you have a comparison / preferences?

    Fun fact, I was at a test audience screening of Brother Bear in Thousand Oaks back in the day. I didnʻt know what movie it was for going in, but seeing Phil Collins sneak (incognito under a hat and trench coat on a sunny day) was a bit of tip off. Really wonderful surprise screening. The love for characters, and nature, shines through in every frame.


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