Here is some recent personal work.

Drawing and painting the animal world has been an obsession of mine since I was a child. I’ve been blessed with the experiences of having traveled the world photographing and painting the natural world. Everything I paint or draw, I’ve seen in their natural environment.

Here is a random sea creature/mermaid I created

Here I wanted to create what I thought a real mermaid might look like. I wanted it to be something that you might actually see out in the ocean. I had recently designed elves with the same notion and so I wanted to give it a shot for creatures under the sea.

This was a little elf design I did years ago.

Please look to my King of the Elves post to see many more designs from this project

 So when we were designing our elves, we wanted them to feel as if they could actually be out in the forest. If they had been there for thousands of years without having been seen, how did they do it? We looked at animals that use camouflage and mimicry to conceal themselves. Eventually the elves began to take on a unique feel. They began to grow leaves right out of their bodies! We thought that there are so many insects, lizards and birds that match the foliage that they live in then why not the elves?

Gull Paintings by Aaron Blaise

I love painting birds! They were the first animal I ever painted, and from the time I could hold a paintbrush they have crept into my work continuously. Gulls are a particular favorite of mine.

Here are a few random gull paintings of mine:


oil on canvas

oil on board

oil on board

oil on board

oil on board