Utility Photoshop Brush & Texture Pack


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New “Utility Photoshop Brushes & Textures” by Aaron Blaise. These brushes are intended to provide a variety of different looks and special effects.

The set includes 31 different brushes for various uses:

  • A number of “Splatter/Ink” brushes
  • Several new “foliage” brushes. Perfect for grass, trees, etc.
  • Digital Texture Brushes – Perfect for creating SFX and sci-fi geometric patterns.
  • A variety of “multi-color” brushes. Great for unique fx
  • Geometric pattern brushes
  • Rough & Soft texture brushes
  • Intended for use in Photoshop versions CS3 & Above
  • Requires Photoshop or program that reads .ABR files (Procreate not supported but, coming soon) 



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About These Photoshop Brushes:

Aaron’s new set of 31 Custom Photoshop Brushes are designed to achieve a variety of looks and effects. These brushes can be used for different looks and are a lot of fun to play with!

These .ABR file brushes are designed to work with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Above.

As always, our goal is to continue to offer these sets at affordable prices. We want to make art education affordable for everyone.  As always, if you create any works using these we’d love to see them! Enjoy.

Brush Gallery:

Below are some quick examples of each brush in the set:

Brush 1: Spotty Texture
Brush 2: Rough Texture 1
Brush 3: Foliage Texture 1
Brush 4: General Texture 1
Brush 5: Spotty Texture 2
Brush 6: Foliage Texture 2
Brush 7: Soft Spotty Texture
Brush 8: Rough Texture 2
Brush 9: Rough Texture 3
Brush 10: Rough Texture 4
Brush 11: Rough Texture 5
Brush 12: Fine Soft Texture
Brush 13: Fine Rough Texture
Brush 14: Checkered Pattern Brush
Brush 15: Slant Pattern
Brush 16: Multicolored Brush 1
Brush 17: Jagged Pattern
Brush 18: Multicolored Brush 2
Brush 19: Jagged Texture 2
Brush 20: Pentagon Texture Brush
Brush 21: Multicolored Texture 3
Brush 22: Soft Spotty Texture 2
Brush 23: Triangle Texture/Pattern Brush
Brush 24: Triangle Brush 2
Multicolored Texture 4
Brush 26: Foliage Texture 3
Brush 27: Soft + Jagged Combined Brush
Brush 28: Soft Jagged 2
Brush 29: Arrow Pattern
Brush 30: Jagged Texture 3
Brush 31: Funky Texture Brush


3 reviews for Utility Photoshop Brush & Texture Pack

  1. Erica Bey (verified owner)

    Great brushes at an affordable price.

  2. trevor.dennis (verified owner)

    A really useful set of brush presets, and oh so clever. The jagged arrow texture has become my absolute favourite brush preset.

  3. Oakpaw (verified owner)

    Despite the disclaimer saying these brushes are only compatible with CS3 and above, I bought and tested them with Photoshop CS. I’m happy to say that YES, they are compatible with CS. :) Thanks, Aaron!

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