The Art of the Storyboard with Lyndon Ruddy



In this BRAND NEW storyboard course with over 14 hours of content, learn what it takes to be a professional story artist! Learn not just the mechanics of good storyboarding such as camera angles, the 180˚ rule, “why” & “when” to move the camera, etc. but also watch in near real-time as Lyndon Ruddy (Blue Sky, Disney, Warner Bros., Sony) explains the entire process from script through final boards. See what it takes to be a story artist in a studio environment for film and television!

Lyndon Ruddy has 20+ years experience storyboarding, designing and animating for films, television & games. He wants to share his lifetime of knowledge with you!

You will learn the details that are expected of a professional story artist working today. Including:

  • Storytelling techniques for 3D & 2D production
  • How, When & Why to move the Camera
  • Types of camera moves + how to simulate them in a 2D environment
  • Framing
  • “Eye Trace”
  • Composition & Mood
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Storytelling Tools
  • Drawing Shortcuts
  • Pans, Cuts, & Shot Selection
  • From Script, Thru Thumbnails to Final Storyoards!
  • PLUS you’ll also get a HUGE bundle of bonus material including:
    • Original Thumbnail & Final Storyboard Images!
    • Custom Photoshop Storyboard Brush
    • Storyboard Template Files
    • & More!

Throughout the course Lyndon will provide examples, show clips and provide references to reinforce the concepts you will learn!

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Storyboard Course Now Available:

In this BRAND NEW storyboard course coming in at over 14 hours of video lessons, seasoned story artist Lyndon Ruddy (“Nimona” , “Spies in Disguise”, “Gnomeo and Juliet”, “The Legend of Tembo”) teaches with vivid detail in NEAR REAL TIME what it takes to be a story artist. Great Ready! Because this course dives deep into the process!

Storyboard Course Video Chapters:

  • 00 Course Introduction
  • 01 The Story Telling Process
  • 02 Cuts & Shot Selection
  • 03 Framing, Eye-line & The rule of Thirds
  • 04 The 180˚ Rule & Camera Angles
  • 05 Using Camera for Mood & Power
  • 06 Simulating the Moving Camera
  • 07 Pans, Dolly & Crane Shots
  • 08 Snaps, Zooms & Tracking Shots
  • 09 Cinematic Staging & Framing
  • 10 My Story Process
  • 11 Thumbnailing A Sequence – Part 1
  • 12 Thumbnailing A Sequence – Part 2
  • 13 Final Storyboards – Part 1
  • 14 Final Storyboards – Part 2
  • 15 Final Storyboards – Part 3

Subtitles & Closed Captions Currently Available for this Course:

  • English CC

Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of these course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


4 reviews for The Art of the Storyboard with Lyndon Ruddy

  1. shrief9292 (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible course !!
    Thank u so much mr. Lyndon ❤️

  2. Jet-Pack Kid (verified owner)

    Lyndon Ruddy explains what a storyboard is and what tools and tricks storyboarders use to tell a story. He showed me what it takes to lay out a sequence all the way from thumbnails to the finished boards. My favorite lesson was on Camera moves and how that translates to storyboards. Lyndon was a cool guy and easy to follow, possibly my favorite course on this site!

  3. Yuexin Xiang (verified owner)

    Just bought it today and I think it is probably one of the best story-boarding classes out there! I am at my second lesson right now and Lyndon already mentioned a lot of mistakes that I make when I am story-boarding. I am very grateful!
    Plus I really glad I get to support real content creators :).

  4. Christopher Romano (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic course.

    Lyndon is clear, enthusiastic, and likable, and watching these videos is like hanging out at Lyndon’s place, one on one, as he takes the time to explain through exactly what he does at work, and how.

    Hearing him vocalize his thought process and explain through his choices is very helpful. It’s not just how he storyboards, but the why behind it, based on years of career experience and his knowing what to expect from directors.

    This is the third source (book/courses) I’ve absorbed, and so far it’s the one that most gets into the nitty gritty of fleshing out story and boarding. It really allows you to see and experience the amount of time and effort expected of a professional. Very valuable.

    My one comment is that at the very end, I wish Lyndon showed and explained how exactly he presents his final boards. He shows and explains his process. Explains what software he prefers. He shows how he numbers and renumbers files and prepares for presentation. He talks about wanting to make sure everything runs smoothly when talking to directors, but he doesn’t end with a sample, “Okay, with our first pass done, this is how I make my presentation…” Does he just review his frames with the director from his laptop through Bridge? Is there additional editing involved? I think that capper would be a fantastic addition/finale to this video set.

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