Dustin Blaise’s Photo Reference Bundle for Artists #1


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Creature Art Teacher is pleased to share with you a new set of artist reference images by Dustin Blaise (@Dustin_Blaise)! In this NEW set he has curated 200 Images of American Alligators and North American River Otters for you to use. Dustin has personally taken these photos on his photo expeditions trips for the express purpose of using them as reference for artwork.

Images included:

  • 100 Alligator & Baby Alligator Images
  • 100 North American River Otter Images
  • 100 Egret Photos
  • 100 Great Blue Heron’s
  • 150 Sandhill Cranes & Baby Hatchlings!
  • 100 Songbirds (Palm Worbler & Savanna Sparrow)
  • All Images are High-Res and ideal for artist reference.

Dustin has a great eye for composition as well as what you might need to make better wildlife art. He wants to share them with you!

Alligators & Otters Photo Reference Pack

Includes 200 Images!

Photo Pack - Marsh Birds of Florida

450 Images Included!

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Additional Samples:

Below are some additional images included in the set:

Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of this course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


4 reviews for Dustin Blaise’s Photo Reference Bundle for Artists #1

  1. Erica Bey (verified owner)

    I love Dustin’s reference packs. The photos are always high quality.

  2. mr_quo (verified owner)

    Awesome bundle Dustin. Thanks so much for putting this out for us all. There is so so much stuff here to draw upon for our artwork. I certainly cannot look out of my window and see Gators and Egrets, so accessibility to well shot reference is so empowering. More please! :o)


  3. Cedar (verified owner)

    Holy no joke. You picked the best photos. So stoked- and jealous. I would love to go to the SE coast and take some of these myself. The images are super sharp, and so many charismatic shots. I’m so impressed. With the recent deep discount on courses (due to COVID), I felt a little miffed that I just bought a full-price membership- NOT anymore. This collection feels so generous. The value feels overabundant. And because these were made “in-house” it’s like they were made for artists to use as reference material. No more creative block for me.

  4. Ward (verified owner)

    Love using Dustin’s photos for reference in my drawings/paintings! This is a wonderful set of photos – so many quality images! Thank you for making them available! Very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend :D

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