How to Draw: Drawing Human Anatomy

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In this comprehensive 9.5 Hour video course,  animator, director and concept artist Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Mulan”, “Brother Bear”) takes you through the fundamentals of drawing, illustrating and capturing the essence of the human form.  Watch as Aaron creates new original images right in front of you and explains his process for rendering believable human anatomy.
You’ll get 16 HD Tutorial Videos covering:
  • How to Draw the human skeleton
  • Understanding Head Proportions
  • Muscles & Anatomy
  • Body Proportions & Scale
  • Gesture Drawing
  • How to Draw Eyes
  • Drawing Noses & Ears
  • How to draw legs and arms
  • Drawing Hands
  • How to draw feet
  • Drawing Tips & Techniques
  • Human Locomotion and movement.
  • Original Animation and Video breaking down the body in motion as only an expert animator can offer.
  • PLUS you’ll also get bonus material including:
    • Original animated videos
    • High-Res Copies of the images that Aaron creates in the videos. (Plus, more detailed renderings)
    • Layered Photoshop files of his animation so you can break down each pose

Aaron has an engaging, entertaining and approachable teaching style that people really love. We believe this one of the most in-depth and easy to understand courses you will find anywhere on how to draw the human form. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist these fun and engaging videos will teach you something new!

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Drawing Human Anatomy Course Details:

Aaron Blaise’s video course on drawing human anatomy is robust and comprehensive. He brings the fundamentals of figure drawing to life. Watch as Aaron explores and breaks down his approach and process to drawing the human figure. He delves deep into each area of the human anatomy including:

  • Drawing Arms & Legs
  • How to draw Hands & Feet
  • Eyes, Noses and Ears
  • Skeleton & Muscles
  • Male & Female form
  • Body proportions
  • Human Movement
  • & Much More

Preview Video:

For your convenience we have included a brief figure drawing video below. This excerpt is from the section on “Drawing Noses” – Enjoy.


NOTE: This course is broken up into individual files that you may may stream online or download. Due to file size we strongly recommend you stream the files. Some videos are larger than others so if downloading please be patient as the total course is nearly 10 Gigs of data.

Subtitles & Closed Captions Currently Available for this Course:

  • English CC
  • Spanish

About Aaron Blaise:

Aaron has nearly 30 years of professional art experience. He was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1989 and spent 21+ years helping create films such as: "The Lion King", "Pocahontas", "Mulan" and more. During his time at Disney, Aaron designed and animated numerous animal and human characters. In 2003 he was nominated for an Academy Award for co-directing the film "Brother Bear" You can follow Aaron and see more of his art on Instagram. You can also see videos of his work on YouTube or follow him on Facebook.
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Copyright Notice – The images, photos, videos, files and content of these course materials are licensed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not distribute, post or attempt to resell them.


41 reviews for How to Draw: Drawing Human Anatomy

  1. Angel Soto (verified owner)

    As a self taught artist I had troubles and difficulties with understanding anatomy at the basic level. With these tutorials I am getting a better grasp of what to draw and what to practice to further improve. I didn’t need to go to art college. These videos are helping me alot. Going to get to the animation segment soon.

    Thank you Aaron, I have included you as one of the few favorite animation instructors I have added to my roster to learn from.

  2. Daniella (verified owner)

    I just finished this course and wow it was filled with so much information. There are so much to learn about anatomy, but I like the way Aaron teaches it. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes that every video is about 1 hour long, but when I have followed and have actually drawn what he is showing in the video, I feel a big sense of accomplishment.
    It’s hard work to learn how to draw, but what an honor to learn from one of the best!

  3. Caleb Fiero (verified owner)

    I have been making artwork based on the figure for most of my career as an artist. I was excited for this series to go back and get some good foundational refresher, and Aaron provides that in spades. Along with that I was very happy to discover a variety of interesting new techniques and ways of thinking about drawing the figure from this series. Aaron is a great teacher and by building from simplicity he makes learning much more engaging and rewarding. I have often found that people who want to start making artwork are intimidated by how much there is to learn. Aaron’s lessons are great tools to help students fact that intimidation, and to give students the tools they need to succeed!

  4. felicity.pcbuilds (verified owner)

    I can relate to the more experienced reviewers, I’ve gone through anatomy and more advanced figure before, and just recently came out of Bridgman hating my figure drawings.
    Seeing how Aaron simplifies and seeks out flow and beauty in figure drawings was exactly what I needed to improve my art. It’s rich and dense with information that I know I missed and will need to revisit certain parts. I took a few weeks to do this, making sure to copy all the drawings and pausing where I needed to, and taking breaks and drawing other things in between. It’s very easy to assume simple means easy, when in reality one line or simplification that Aaron has made (and explains in this course!) was the result of so many factors.

    I especially like the emphasis on flow and aesthetic. I’d like to see how many times Aaron says ‘meat’ in this series too, definitely a defining term for me now lol.
    Thankyou for this course!

  5. Lion In A Box (verified owner)

    This is a great course to learn how to intuitively draw the entire human body, quite accurately.
    Aaron Blaise teaches in a very relatable and easy-going style, and makes everything very intuitive and intelligible. He really simplifies the human anatomy, while keeping all essential features and muscles that are visible when drawing. Even though he tells you that you don’t need to know every terminology, he introduces you to a lot of terms and surprised me with how many muscle names he knows. This is a great way to introduce you to human anatomy, and also a great basis if you want to learn about human anatomy in more detail afterwards.

  6. ReKeyta McCalin (verified owner)

    I found this course very useful, and fun to go along with. I went along with every drawing Aaron did to get the feel for myself how everything should fall together, andI learned way more than I ever did and made me realize what I was already doing wrong w/ my anatomy or what I thought I knew. Aaron explained EVERYTHING better than what I could get from folks on you tube…I’m so grateful for this annual membership, and now that I got the gitz of anatomy more than ever, I’m ready to tackle the challenge that is animation next.

  7. Erica Bey (verified owner)

    This course is great. People often ask Aaron Blaise which course to start with on the site and I would highly recommend starting with this one.

  8. amy.methven.art (verified owner)

    I learned more about anatomy and life drawing in 3 days with this course than I did with 2 years of life drawing in College. Absolutly phenominal course; easy to follow, breaks everything down into simple steps while still being detailed enough to not feel like you’re being talked down to. Other courses I have done on anatomy have a habbit of dumming down, ending up feeling condescending or patronising. This course was done by a tallented, intellegent but humble man. I cannot reccommend this enough!

  9. Steve Costello (verified owner)

    Wow! I wish I had a teacher like this when I was young.
    I have learned so much from this upbeat course. This is better than any anatomy books for artists. Aaron brings the subject to life.
    Don’t hesitate to get this if you seriously want to improve your figure drawing. Worth every penny.
    Steve UK

  10. Art is hard (verified owner)

    Invaluable course. Pair this with a stricter anatomy course and you’ll cover a lot of gaps in how to draw the human form.

    Tldr: I came for the technical art knowledge and left with a conquered creative roadblock, renewed confidence, and increased excitement for the process of figure drawing. The last couple of days I’ve used this course have been an explosion in my art production and progress.

    I’ve watched Proko videos, purchased simplified forms books, read through Loomis’ Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, watched Udemy courses on Anatomy, and looked through more random YouTube and random art tips on the internet than I care to admit. Aaron’s Drawing Human Anatomy course here is the first time I’ve been able to pull it all together, ditch the standing mannequin, and start drawing gesture first, anatomically accurate, proportionally sound human figures.

    I’ll often watch a video up until Aaron puts down the initial line work then spend the rest of the video drawing with him and branching out into additional sketch work to apply what he’s talking about. For me, as someone who came into learning art later in life and has never been an artistically minded person this course fills a much needed rift in my art journey.

    I used to think it was a weakness to not put down all the construction lines and draw perfect, exact proportions based on some measurement on the page and I initially didn’t think Aaron’s approach to drawing would be as helpful for me to learn from. But my goodness was I wrong. Seeing Aaron put down believable figures without being attached to an 8 headed Loomis line or an established perspective grid and challenging myself to draw in the same manner is what moved me from technical art knowledge to practical art production.

    I’m not sure I’d be where I’m at in my art journey right now if I kept looking for that “magic bullet” of figure drawing that would let me keep all the time-intensive construction setup methods and have the freedom to draw quickly, intuitively from imagination. There’s something intangible about making that step, about trusting all the eye training an artist goes through enough to not use those construction guides and simply draw. Watching this course, hearing Aaron talk about how we can trust our eye to know when a human figure is supposed to look like, to see him eschew the formalities and get down to business, and most importantly watching how easy he makes the creative process is what pushed me to do the same.

    For that reason, I think this course is the most valuable I’ve used on human anatomy; perhaps the most valuable in my entire art journey. At some point you have to leave the Loomis mannequin and Robo-Bean to sketch dynamically from imagination. At some point, you have to believe in all the hours you’ve put in as an artist and trust your eye enough to make meaningful decisions relative to your canvas and intentions. This course right here was how I took that step.

    This is also how I fell in love with gestural drawing. My understanding of gesture drawing is that it’s usually a begrudged exercise artists do for the sake of skill maintenance and that it’s not a common starting point for their every day figure drawing process, nor is it usually seen as detailed enough for final production. Hearing and seeing how Aaron starts all of his art, whether it’s cartoon animation, figure drawing, painting, or otherwise by thinking about the overall gesture, putting down a rough pass, and then tying it all together was hugely formative moment for me. I’m not sure why I didn’t pick up on that from watching all the 2-3 hour art streams he’s done where he’s doing a rough gesture pass into a tied down piece, but having that stated explicitly and shown to work really made it click for me.

  11. fuzmccloud (verified owner)

    For someone who already knows Human anatomy, it’s still good to find other techniques from other artists like Aaron Blaise. Through the courses, I learned and relearn subjects that I went over with my art teacher and it was amazing, I didn’t think I needed to buy this course but it’s still good to have it in hand so when I do come back in learning the human anatomy this would be a very useful utility but for those who have already know the basic anatomy like me would be a 3. Unless someone like me needed a refresh or coming back to learning the human structure I would rate this a 3 or 4 but for safety and for full honestly, I give this a 4. Aaron Blaise did an amazing job explaining EVERY DETAIL in this course so I highly recommend it if you are new to human anatomy.

  12. Lamarr Austin (verified owner)

    This course on human anatomy is great for those who have an understanding on the human figure for both male and female as well as going through each area of the figure from arms and legs to the head, chest, back, etc. It will definitely help refine what you already know about human anatomy and tie up all of the loose ends together thus helping you grasp the male and female figure through the advice that Aaron gives you in each of the video lessons. If you are a beginner starting out in drawing human anatomy, please reconsider in purchasing this course as it is geared toward those who are a intermediate to advance level on up. Bottom line, you can learn a lot from what Aaron teaches you from a professional standpoint in addition to what an artist already knows about anatomy, etc. I purchased this course a year ago as a part of the huge discounted sale that was present at the time and even if you can’t get the course for a good sale price, it is still a highly recommended course if you want to touch up and refine your anatomy skills for you characters and figure drawing studies, etc.

  13. Xefros Lamat (verified owner)

    As a little higher than a beginner, I found this course is very good. Anatomy books are very hard on start, but this course helps to get a strong basis to understand how to do muscles and etc. It’s also has a very simple language to understand for non-English speakers. so if you on a pre-intermediate lvl, it will be still good for you.
    I also like that course tells you about dynamics and based on semi-realistic drawing.

    Of course, if you are never drawn anything, you need to start on basic courses of drawing first and learn how to use a stylus, graphic program, how to draw simple figures and etc.

    and also…

  14. Catherine Beaupre (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful course! I learned so much! Now the trick is to apply this new found knowledge to my own projects without Aaron Blaise guiding me through the process. Wish me luck! I will be going back every now and again to review.

  15. Thisara Jayasekara (verified owner)

    this course is really good for beginners

  16. Aleksandra Simonovic (verified owner)

    One of the best courses I got, and got it for only 1$! Thank you so much!

  17. Oleksandr Hryhoriev (verified owner)

    This course awesome for me.

  18. ok.wakizahi (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore Aaron and his work and it was an absolute joy to watch a master such as him work. Though my appreciation for Aaron’s art is not going to affect this review. From years learning how to draw I have often found that great artists seldom make great teachers, this can be forgiven when early on Aaron mentions that this will be an informal course, which it is, though the mass of instructional content of this course can only be gained from repeat viewings and studying the lines that Aaron is laying down, if you’re looking for “why” something is done and how to replicate and understand things better, then unfortunately, other sources may be better for you. This course assumes that you have basic knowledge of perspective, organic forms, understanding plane shifts and overall trying to decode what Aaron is trying to teach. Though Aaron does try to instill into you to try and experience what you are drawing by having you feel certain parts of your body and how what attaches to what etc and there are some handy tips that are scattered around like little gold nuggets that will give you the occasional “Aha” moment that will forever change the way you construct anatomy and think about what you are drawing but the bad news is, these are easy to miss and once again merit multiple viewings. Aaron’s instruction essentially will teach you shorthand and tips for Loomis’ technique and methods and as that material is actually free to download I would have to recommend you use that. Please DO NOT purchase this course if you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER looking to be guided as this is not the course for you. Though, as contrary as it might seem, I did enjoy the course due to my love of Aaron’s work. I MUST point out once again though that appreciating an artist for their work and studying their methods and quirks is completely different to getting a course for instructional content and I feel this must be made transparent. People learn in different ways and as an analytical learner I may be a little more critical than most, but if you’re wanting to attract those kinds of students, then please consider a little more structure in teaching and a little more “why” something is the way it is. It helps our understanding of the subject and said subject matter to be retained.

  19. Julia Hernandez (verified owner)

    LOVE IT! GREAT TUTORIALS I have learned so much about anatomy thanks to this tutorials, Aaron explains so good and make it really easy to follow and understand everything every little detail, Im so happy to be able to learn from this source, i cant be happier! If you want to learn about anatomy this will help you a lot, you wont regret! Thank you very much Aaron to share your knowledge with all of us! All my respects

  20. Jens Schellhase (verified owner)

    It’s okay, but most of the time I ended up learning from secondary sources. It’s nice watching him draw and talk about it, but after the third “I’ll just do it simple like this”, I find myself thinkink: Nice man, YOU can draw, but I want to learn HOW. This is a collection of good advices, but sadly no step by step explanation with in depth and pittfalls. Just for example: The eye is covered brutally quickly (“just draw the lids like this”) and I don’t see any use in lighting and blinking animation (really) if I don’t know how the eye anatomy is drawn and placed in the face (which covered in like two sentences). It’s okay, but not really great.

  21. PenaGelada (verified owner)

    Only halfway through the course, but heck! I’m loving it! He explains it in a super easy way to understand! He’s the best!

  22. juliasgunn (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED this! I am only half way through the course but I was so happy I had to write a review. The art course is like none other I’ve seen before, it teaches you how to draw the human body through easy and concise explanations. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone explain the body through more understandable ways rather than try to relate it through shapes like some art teachers do. I’m so happy with my purchase and I have already bought more courses. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I really have learned so much! :)

  23. noreena apolinar (verified owner)

    its unreal that I am able to learn from mr. Blaise!!! the tutorial is amazing. if you’re a beginner and want to learn fast and improve. purchase this!!

  24. Steve Ato (verified owner)

    You absolutely cannot beat this course as far as value for the price. I took advantage of the deep discounts in response to Covid and for $1 it’s a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and get this course because there’s bound to be a little tidbit here and there that’ll improve your work. For me I enjoy quick tips like “the inner ankle is higher than the outer.” These are things that automatically improve your work just by remembering them. Solid move by Aaron to discount this course and I enjoy his teachings.

  25. kofee.aa (verified owner)

    Ever since I finished the complete course along with some practice by myself, drawing human anatomy has become a bit more intuitive for me. And when I struggle to draw some part of the body, I always remember the little details Aaron Blaise talked about in the course to make it simpler. I also love the little pieces of trivia he sometimes talks about; for us to remember or understand some detail about a part the body better.

  26. Paul London (verified owner)

    Man I love this course. Not only the approach, but also the laidback presentation by Mr. Blaise (he seems like such a nice dude!). It is so clarifying to me and it has helped me a lot to make drawing figures less daunting. I have watched other courses on this subject, but to me this is the best out there. It’s amazing how someone skilled as Aaron clearly is, can translate the material to beginners like me. Thank you for teaching me in such a relaxed way. If you’re looking for a course that shows you the ropes in a realxed environment; this is it.

  27. martine (verified owner)

    I would rate this course 5 stars even if it was just for being able to watch Aaron draw the human body for hours on end and being able to draw along – even if that means stopping and rewinding once in a while – video is way more patient then any teacher could ever be.

    And no, it’s not about learning every bone and every muscle by name. To me it is a course on how to think about the human body, how to visualize and draw its shapes and forms, lines and curves from every angle, never losing the dynamics, using the main building blocks of our body. From memory, if you dare :) And even if you’re not an animator, the bonus materials of movies ánd drawings of the human walk can only still add to the above, I think.

    Great course if you want to get familiar with the human form. Even if you’re already up to date on bones and muscles, this may still help to draw a forest instead of just lots of trees. It does for me.

  28. grunwald.clara (verified owner)

    I love Aaron Blaise and I think he’s a great teacher in general, but in this course he is simply showing how well he draws without really giving a thorough explanation of the anatomy. He often says “this muscle-y bit goes here, this goes there” and it feels very superficial. It would have also been nice to see some photos of what he is talking about to better illustrate the point. Perhaps it was to be expected from such an introductory course but I think if someone is interested in really getting into anatomy there are so many better resources out there. Proko has free videos on youtube that explore anatomy more clearly (in my opinion) and his premium course is expensive but just the absolute best you can possibly get on this subject. “Force: Anatomy” is also a good resource as is Michael Hampton’s book, and there are many many more if you are willing to look into it. Personally, I was very disappointed but the price is reasonable and it seems from these reviews that it was helpful to others. To those who have little resources I would suggest investing in something else.

  29. artisticalex96 (verified owner)

    I bought Drawing Human Anatomy a few weeks ago, and I’ve been slowly following along step by step. Very clear instructions, good tips to help you remember how to do it when you try again from scratch.

    I can draw well by observation, but find it difficult to create ‘something from nothing’, so I needed to learn anatomy, for sure, if I wanted to switch from doing fine art to character design/environment art.

    I am only up to how to draw mouth’s at the moment, and I can’t believe how much I have learnt already… AMAZING!
    Thanks for your tutorials, once I’m finished with this one, I’m moving onto another How to of your character design course :)

  30. Tatiana Silina (verified owner)

    This is a great resource. Everything is straight and to the point. I think it’s a good idea to have a bunch of photos with models prepared on your computer (especially for the part where he goes into the torso and all the muscles). Just in order to observe the things Aaron is talking about on a real person and then draw, draw and draw.

    All in all, I enjoyed this course and found it very helpful! I’d highly recommend it to fellow beginner artists.

  31. dashulana0511 (verified owner)

    A great course ! I could not believe that it will be so interesting to learn human anatomy , though I know a bit , I still learnt a lot of new things . Thanks for this Aaron!))))

  32. sobisobieraj (verified owner)

    Learnt a lot! Practice, practice and practice! :)

  33. mistergardenglove (verified owner)

    I wanted more from this, but I suppose it’s an approach to making anatomy a less daunting subject for people just getting into it. If you want more in depth and more terminology I suggest you get a book on anatomy instead. Since I’ve subscribed I got this with everything else and personally glad I didn’t spend the money on the individual course since I thought most of the information was stuff I already knew. I also found it was hard following along drawing since he often sculpted the forms not really giving a clear construction before he started to lead into what muscles went where. Which sometimes made me feel like I didn’t know from what angle or perspective they were presented in. This might be a more personal opinion but I want to be able to jot down some poses of what the teacher is demonstrating to understand it better.

    On a more positive note I enjoyed the demos and I think I need more knowledge on how to simplify the anatomy, so I really enjoyed the lesson where Aaron ties down his gesture drawings.

  34. Mary Catherine Supnet (verified owner)

    amazing tutorials! hope to see more animation course! :D

  35. tanisha aggarwal (verified owner)

    hi! I just want to saaayyyyy howww amazing these tutorials are! Alsoooo I struggle a lot with lighting so you have some tips regarding that?

  36. metetong (verified owner)

    Those videos help me a lot to improve my drawing skills and I have learned so many things about the human body and I still learn things every time I replay the video
    I highly recommend this course

    (to Aaron I would like to have a course on the neck – how it fit into the head, the shoulders..etc – I really struggle with this part and I think it will be a great add on this human anatomy course)

    Btw Thank you so much sharing your knowledge on this platform (and sorry for eventual english mistakes I’m a french follower ^^)

  37. John (verified owner)

    Not bad. I learned quiet a bit from these videos.

  38. Michelle (verified owner)

    If i could add another 10 stars i would, this course was awesome! I studied various genres at art school many years ago including life/anatomy classes, but when i finished i decided on graphic design as a career. I hadnt used a lot of my drawing skills in this area for so long, & after falling ill which finished my career in graphix i had to look for something else. I started painting again & did a bit of that along with sketching….enjoyable but not my aha moment until i found you can paint digitally ☺️ Bringing my traditional & digital skills together was magic, ive spent a couple of years honing these skills on PS & Painter….part of which was brushing up on my anatomy both human & animal. I want to thank you Aaron, your tutorials are exceptional! Easy to follow, but not boring for more advanced artists & im sure most coukd learn a thing or two from you. Im now working as a digital artist & building my client base, i felt confident in wildlife painting as ive always drawn animals-even so i picked up a lot from your big cat course, the real biggie for more was this human anatomy course….i dreaded painting the human form, but i knew i needed to do so if im going to work proffesionally in digital. I did the course quickly, going through each subject with a few sketches, but im now going through it again taking lots of time….even doing the quick run through has improved my life drawing/portraits ten fold. I highly recommend Aarons courses to any artist, no matter what level your at theres much to learn from this talented man. Will so be joining your annual subscription!! ❤️??

  39. Marcela Norma (verified owner)

    Best teacher ever, 100% recommended.

    It would be great if you could add subtitles in english. Although your voice is really clear, English is not my native language, and I’m not familiar with some anatomy concepts.

    Greetings from south america.

  40. Simon (verified owner)

    Hey Aaron, I just would like to say thank you for this anatomy course, you did a great job !

    I’m a 3D animator and with computer animation I draw less and less so I wanna get back on track with drawing on paper.
    This course is helping me incrementing drawing in my daily life, I advise it to anyone who feel that life get busy and don’t take the time to do the thing that they used to do and love.

    All the best,

  41. musrangr (verified owner)

    I just purchased the Drawing Human Anatomy Course two days ago and THIS IS AWESOME! The feeling of instruction on this series is totally comfortable. It is almost like sitting down for a one on one drawing lesson. Very well done. I am only two sections in, taking my time to get every bit of information ,but I already see my knowledge of the human body for artists expanding by the down to earth approach. WELL DONE SIR!

    I cannot wait to move on to the Complete Animation Course.

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