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Voted #1  – Best Online on Animation Course 2019 by Creative Bloq !

In this comprehensive and complete course, master animator Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Mulan”) takes you through the key principles of animation.

“I was trained by Aaron Blaise. Aaron is Awesome!”

– Byron Howard (Director: “Zootopia”, “Tangled”, “Bolt”)

This course includes the “Fundamentals of Animation” as originally pioneered by the original “9 Old Men” who worked directly under Walt Disney. It ALSO includes Aaron’s “Animated Scene Approach” where he will guide you through his process to completely animating a scene.

Plus, as a BONUS for purchasing the complete course you will also get additional videos, PDF print outs, original drawings, and even his TV Paint Source Files so that you can break them down and learn as if you were sitting right beside him. This course includes over 20 HD Video Tutorials. Whether you are a traditional animator or work in computer animation this course is for you! We know you’ll learn something new!

Course Includes the Following:

Fundamentals of Animation Course

This course covers the "12 Principles of Animation" as originally pioneered by the original "9 Old Men" who worked directly under Walt Disney. This course includes 13 HD Video Tutorials.

Animation "Scene Approach" Course

Watch as Aaron takes you through his approach to animating a scene. He creates new original animation right in front of you in real time and explains his process for tackling an animated scene. You'll get 6 HD Tutorial Videos

Bonus & Supplemental Lessons

As a BONUS for purchasing the Complete Animation Course we have included a variety of bonus and supplemental files. ENJOY!

List of Bonus Files:

  • Baseball Pitch Animation VIDEO
  • Baseball Throw “Physics of Animation” PDF Handout
  • Bear Expression Drawings
  • Bear Animation JPEGS (For you to print out and “flip” if you wish to)
  • Bouncing Ball JPEGS
  • Mouth Shapes Jpegs - Breaking down several key sound/mouth shapes to help you
  • Squash and Stretch PDF Handout
  • Animation "Glossary" & FAQ Access
  • TV Paint Source Files:
    • Bounching Ball
    • Character Squash and Stretch
    • “Breakdowns, In-betweens and Arcs” Demo
    • Bear Animation - Fully In-betweened
    • Baseball Throw/Pitch

NOTE: This bonus material is NOT available for individual purchase and may only be acquired with the "COMPLETE ANIMATION COURSE" 

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In this complete animation course, master animator Aaron Blaise takes you through the 12 fundamentals of animation. Also, he teaches you his proven approach to animating a complete scene.

Animation Course Preview:

Watch the demo videos below to learn more.


You will learn the “Fundamentals of Animation”. Furthermore you will also learn Aaron’s “Animated Scene Approach”. Watch as Aaron guides you through his complete process to animating a scene.

Our Most Popular Course:

This is the #1 Selling course on the site. Also, it is incredibly very well reviewed. It has been taken by students from all over the world in many languages.

Aaron Blaise is a world-renowned animator. He has over 30 years experience in the animation industry. He has worked as an animator, supervising animator, character designer, concept artist & director. Aaron was trained & mentored by legendary animator Glen Keane. In this animation course he teaches you many of the same animation tips & techniques that he learned directly from the master. You will also learn many of his own tips & techniques.

Aaron travels all over the globe teaching animation. In addition Aaron continues to work in the film & animation industry. He has recently worked on projects for studios such as Blue Sky, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Cartoon Saloon and more. To see more please visit his YouTube Channel. It is hugely popular. It has over 200,000 subscribers and growing.

Featured In:

NOTE: For your convenience this course is broken up into individual files that you may download. Some are larger than others so please be patient as the total course is nearly 7 Gigs of data.

Subtitles & Closed Captions Currently Available for this Course:

  • English CC
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

Animation Course Requirements:

There are no requirements for this class other than a love of animation :) Also, no particular software is required. You can follow along using any animation software you choose… Even pencil & paper! ✏️


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