NEW course from Chuck Williams “How to Pitch Your Idea”- Coming Soon!!

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14 thoughts on “NEW course from Chuck Williams “How to Pitch Your Idea”- Coming Soon!!

  1. I really enjoyed Chuck’s last course and am really looking forward to whatever he has to say. I don’t really know anything about pitching so hopefully he covers it from the ground up… Excited for November!

  2. Chuck Williams thank you for the Story course and for a suggestion for your “Pitch” course I saw on YouTube, Sergio Pablos talk about his Character Pitch books to sell the “Despicable Me” story. Dominic Carola also described a bit of this process while developing “Tiki Trouble”. I picture this as a small illustrated children’s book which provides the high level of the story, characters and universe. I would be very curious to know what this is and what makes up the contents. Thanks!

  3. Story was really good, very interesting and very well explained. Can’t wait to see “How to pitch your ideas”!

  4. Hi Chuck. This is an awesome idea for a course. Can I suggest you include something about how to pitch an idea when you have limited experience of delivering a project. I’m thinking of my students here. How do they have someone take a leap of faith on their first commercial venture? Also can you look at the whole idea of underpromise and overdeliver. This seems like a good idea on the surface but if you underpromise, would anyone buy into your pitch?
    Thanks again and best wishes.
    Darren Wall @uponthewildwall

  5. Sounds amazing… Really looking forward to it. See you then.

  6. Hi Chuck, I’d be interested in the types of questions we can expect once we have pitched our idea and how best to respond to criticism.

  7. Awesomeness! This course will be so useful for many areas of media.

    So if I want to direct a short film and I have a great story to pitch then I also need some team of people to do that with me. So how to gather the right people with talent and attitude to finish the job?

  8. I need a course about pitching my idea for a limited series on a streaming network. I’m excited to hear what you have to say!

  9. Super excited for this! Thank you so much for what you do! It really supports the creative wave of the world

  10. Hi Chuck!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Story course and pulled a ton of value from it. With regards to this new course… I’d like to know what kind of results, or range of results are derived from a successful pitch. I understand that every situation is unique. However is the world of possibilities- the skies the limit or should newbies expect to be low balled, or have their projects shelved, or be expected to give a certain amount of control. Are there “normals” for projects in the first round?

  11. I am anticipating for this coming course.

  12. I was planning on my next cartoon pitch, then I saw this course.
    His storyboard course was great.
    Looking forward to drinking off of this fire hose.

  13. Hello Chuck:

    I enjoyed your story course a few months back and the new course sounds great. Will this course cover how to pitch to different industries, such as publishing and the movie and media industry? Will it touch on the nuances of if you have to be registered with the WGA or have an actual industry agent to even get your foot in the door, etc…



  14. Hey Chuck!

    I especially enjoyed the plot structure part of your story course. All in all, a great guide for visual storytelling! In your pitch course I wonder if you could address the following topics.
    1. The nuts and bolts of pitching a series or a short film. How far a long should your product be before presenting to a potential partner?
    2. What exactly should a pitch for a series include?
    3. How would you pitch a short film or series to potential funders? Is there even a market for short films?


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