STORY! For Live Action & Animation with Chuck Williams


In this BRAND NEW story course follow along with Chuck Williams (Brother Bear, Pocahontas, The Lion Ling) as he explains methods, tips and techniques for good Storytelling!

Chuck has nearly 30 years experience in the film, animation & video game industries. He has worked as film editor, producer, screen writer and film executive on numerous studio and independent projects. In this course he collects a lifetime of storytelling techniques that he has developed on his own or learned from other industry pros and shares them with you.

These are tried and true methods that Chuck has trained industry professionals in. He has also taught these techniques at the college and masters degree levels .

Watch as he breaks down the key elements of storytelling for film and animation.

You will learn:

  • Story Structure & Screenplay Writing Tips
  • The Story Boarding & “Beat Board” Process
  • Elements of story including:
    • World
    • Plot
    • Character
    • Theme
  • How to develop well rounded characters
  • Writing an effective “logline”
  • The differences in developing story for live action vs animation
  • Filmmaking from a Producer’s Point Of View:
    • The “Producer’s Curve”
    • Budget Tips
    • Independent vs. Studio Differences
  • + MUCH MORE!

Throughout the course Chuck will provide examples, show clips and provide references to reinforce the concepts you will learn.

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